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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mahaveer Sanglikar, Numerologist

Mahaveer Sanglikar is a famous numerologist from Pune. He is an expert in giving solutions to your problems related to money, marriage, love, spouse compatibility, partner compatibility, education, career, job, business and any kind of other problems.

He gives only numerological solutions and does not suggest any rituals, gems or stones etc. 

You can meet him with prior appointment. Online consultation is also available, anywhere in India and abroad.

Your 10-12 pages numerology report by Mahaveer Sanglikar includes analysis of your personality, your positive and negative traits, analysis of your birth number, life path number and name number, your compatible numbers, dates, years, suggestions, solutions to your problems and much more. The most important part of your report is the answers of your specific questions regarding your problem.

For further details, contact him at:

Mahaveer Sanglikar
Cell Phone: 914 531 8228, 814 970 3595
Jagannath Complex, Near Jayashri Theater
Chinchwad Station, Pune 411 019


  1. my name is vijay ani maza namank 22 ahe janmank 1 ahe ani ho bhagyank pan 1 ahe.


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महावीर सांगलीकर
Cell Numbers:
8149703595 Talks/Whats App

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